Thursday, 25 March 2010

Warming up

This blog is an attempt to register the development of my MSc degree thesis on swarm robotics.
So expect little tutorials, news about robotics and some desperate calls for help when I get stuck!
Ah! Just in case, you can know more about me and my research at the links on the sidebar.

Not too much by now, but I expect this to be useful for someone! (It will be for me =])

Just to give a taste, one of my preferred swarm robotics projects. the Swarm-Bots :


  1. Poor little girl. She is clearly scared as hell with the whole thing. She's even holding someone's hand at the beginning. Probably one of the researchers' daughter. Well, I guess we can all contribute to science somehow. :P.
    Btw, you mis-capslocked MSc up there.

  2. =)
    Sure! We all have to do a little sacrifice for Science