Thursday, 15 September 2011

Incredible Collaboration of Swam Robotics

Incredible Collaboration of Swam Robotics:

In the very near future, these researchers believe robots will combine together to do all the tasks assigned to them. The Swarmanoid Project is a glorious example of a glimpse into the future which demonstrates 60 robots working together in a collaborative environment. The goal of the swarm robotic project (4 years in the making) is to use the different capabilities of each class of robot and combine them into a system to accomplish tasks.

The “Eye bots” sense the environment and provide an aerial overview. “Hand-bots” can climb vertical surfaces of walls or grab objects located in the environment. “Foot-bots” move on rough terrain and transport either robots. This distributed robotic system is inspired from the social behavior of insects where each member of the colony performs a particular task.

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